Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturn: Rethink

Bad Slogan

Not really sure what there is to think about. It's not like Satun is doing anything radically different in the auto world. To me, this slogan smells like trying to replicate what Apple did in the consumer electronics space with its "Think Different" campaign. The difference, of course, is that Apple really did rethink things and changed the game. Until Saturn does something extraordinary, I don't think it can get away with this slogan. In other words, they should rethink this tagline.


Adam Denison said...

I'm not sure I agree with you here. Saturn has completely redone their vehicle lineup. The Aura and Outlook are brand new vehicles (came out last year); and the Vue is radically different than previous versions. This year they've also come out with the Saturn Astra. Plus, the Sky is just a cool car! So, yeah, I think the "Rethink" is exactly the term to use!

Then again, maybe I'm biased becasue I work for GM.

Adam Denison
GM Social Media

Aaron Goldman said...

Fair enough, Adam. Always good to hear from the folks behind the slogans. I guess the lesson here is a good slogan can't stand alone. It needs to be backed up with a thorough and cohesive marketing plan so that the target audience (presumambly that's me) can immediately identify the wisdom in the slogan. In this case, I had never heard of the Aura, Outlook, or Sky or what was new about the Vue. And, if you couldn't tell by this blog and my others, I pay close attention to advertising.

Anonymous said...

terrible tagline. "rethink" is the cry of the truly desperate. it implied i ever thought of saturn in the first place. (i haven't) and that if i do, that my feelings are negative.

make a statement! Get off your knees Saturn! Stop living in the past!

this blog is fun for adfolk like me. keep it up.

Mick said...

The slogan would have been utilized better by Toyota and it's Prius program. That's the "Apple" of the auto industries "rethinking" eye. Granted Toyota went with "Moving forward" which is what everyone seems to want to do since the election!
Maybe GM should just sell Saturn to Toyata and change the line to "rethinking bailout".