Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oyster Hotel Reviews: Been There. Slept There.

Oyster Hotel Reviews

Oyster.com. Been There. Slept There.

As I covered on Good URL Bad URL, Oyster Hotel Reviews was launched yesterday by one of my close friends along with his brother, another friend of theirs (who ironically shares the first name of their 3rd brother) and some 20-odd employees. I brainstormed potential slogans with them and, although I did not come up with this one, I must say I like it. Their whole value prop. is that the site is independent and the reviewers go "undercover" (literally) at the hotels. Unlike some review sites that just swoop in, snap a couple photos and a rating or others that rely solely on user-generated content, Oyster Hotel Reviews actually sends professional writers to scour the grounds and sleep in the rooms.

With that in mind, this slogan really helps differentiate. While I was gung ho on finding a slogan that played off the Oyster name ("We've searched the ocean blue to bring the best hotels to you!" or "The World is Yours."), I do like the play on the "Been There. Done That." phrase -- shows they've done more than "it." It took the Oyster gang a good 6 months to come up with this one -- just goes to show, sometimes a slogan is worth losing sleep over.


Anonymous said...

Hello! FYI the link to http://oyster.com goes to a domain parking page, not the actual Oyster Hotel Reviews site. The link to the WWW version does go to the right place. Might want to fix that!

Aaron Goldman said...

Thx, fixed!!

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