Friday, February 22, 2008

Wendy's: It's Waaaay Better Than Fast Food, It's Wendy's

Bad Slogan

Fellow slogan-snob, Erin Vogel, tipped my off to this atroucity. I'm all for slogans that go for the "outside looking in" angle (eg, Taco Bell: Think Outside the Bun). But c'mon guys. How are you gonna pretend that Wendy's is not fast food. It'd be like the pot using the slogan: We're waaaaay blacker than the kettle.


Anonymous said...

I was looking up slogans for a bad slogan article I plan on writing in my blog. Good call on this one, I hate this slogan more than anything else.
The post should be up in a few days, maybe I'll have a few on there you'll like to add to your blog.

Anonymous said...

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